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DDEAF Short Term Adoption Listing

To list a dog on this page, please send an e-mail containing the following (not just a link to a website):

  • Where the dog is located (city and state, and country if needed)
  • Name of shelter (if applicable), and the link to their webpage (if possible)
  • Contact Info - who (if needed) and an e-mail and/or phone number
  • Info on the dog - breed, age, male/female, name, and any other details available (the more information you can provide, the better for the dog involved)

Include a picture if you possibly can (a photo can really make a difference). We would prefer .jpg format photos, but can work with most other types if need be (such as .gif or .bmp). Please do not send MS-Word files (.doc files)! Send everything to (specify that you want a Short Term Listing in your post, so that we don't have to guess).

Please do not send messages to this e-mail asking for someone to "take" a dog, we are not a rescue, and are not able to do that. We can only help to get the word out that a deaf dog is looking for a home. See our details page for more information.

Remember, these listing are automatically deleted after 2 weeks.

Thank You

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