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Although we advocate deaf dog ownership, we do not rescue dogs. These pages are here to help shelters, organizations, rescue volunteers, and private individuals (from anywhere in the world) that do rescue deaf dogs to connect with people wanting to share their life with a deaf dog. While we may help with placement (when asked), the final decision rests with the person responsible for the dog.

All information on these dogs is provided by the person listing the dog, and is provided "as is." DDEAF makes no guarantees as to its completeness, timeliness, or accuracy (we have no direct contact with these dogs, and do not examine, evaluate, or know anything about their history). DDEAF doesn't work with any particular rescue or shelter. We do not represent them, and do not ask about their policies. Please consult individual organizations for any details.

You will usually be required to complete some type of adoption application before being considered for any dog that you are interested in (for the most part, anyone applying to adopt a dog must be at least 18 years of age, or have permission from their parent or guardian). You may be expected to meet the dog in person before an adoption can be finalized. Sometimes other arrangements can be made, but you will need to discuss this with the person who has the dog (not us). It is always possible that they will decide that the dog you are interested in will not be a good match.

DDEAF assumes that all dogs listed on our website have been carefully evaluated before we are asked to list them. Many times, information in a dog's profile is an educated guess (such as the dog's age). Always check the date of listing; the dog may be older if it has been listed for a while. Most of these dogs will have some type of adoption fee (which is set by the person or organization who has the dog), which may vary by area or organization. Rescue dogs are generally spayed or neutered before adoption. On occasion (sometimes in the case of a young pup) the adopter will be required to have the surgery done as soon as the dog is old enough.

We make every effort to keep these listings current, but sometimes dogs will still be listed who have actually found homes. We ask the listing party to notify us as soon as possible, but this does not always happen in a timely manner. A dog is generally marked as "Found A Home" as soon as we are notified. Occasionally, a dog will become available again, generally because the original adopter does not work out for one reason or another.

Photos of dogs on the adoption pages belong to the photographers who took them, and are used with permission. They may not be copied or reproduced without the photographer's permission.

In no event will the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund, its members, or anyone connected with this website be liable for any decision made, or action taken, in regards to the information on this site, or for any consequential, special, or similar damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. These pages are provided as a public service, and we do not guarantee or warrant the quality, health, or temperament of the dogs placed though our website.


Please see our contact page to notify us of problems with the website. Do not send comments to the contacts on the dog's profiles, as they are not responsible for the organization and layout of the adoption pages.

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