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DDEAF is not a rescue; we offer the adoption page as an intermediary between those needing to find a home for a deaf dog, and those looking to adopt a deaf dog. Please see our details page for more information.

Two Ways to List Dogs:

Please choose only one!

First Option (preferred)

This is our regular listing, with a full profile. Please note that only the owner (or their authorized representative) of the dog, or someone who works with the shelter or rescue organization that has the dog, may post a dog to these pages. If you think a dog would benefit from a listing on our website, please suggest it to the person responsible for the dog.

The adoption pages are updated by hand (the dog's profile isn't automatically added as soon as the form is submitted). This is usually done at least once a week (although unexpected things can happen, so it may occasionally take a bit longer). The average length of time it takes for a deaf dog to find a home from the time it is listed on this site is three months. All potential adopters will contact you directly from the information that you provide. You should, of course, do your own screening first, but DDEAF is able to help ascertain that they understand what is required to live with a deaf dog. If you would like DDEAF to screen potential adopters to see if they are an appropriate placement for a deaf dog, you will have to supply us with the name and E-mail address or mailing address for that person. Please see our Contact Page for more information.

We ask that if the dog is adopted (so that we can move the dog to our "Found A Home area) or otherwise out of your care, that you inform us immediately so that we can remove the picture and bio to make room for another dog in need. There is no "automatic" was to do this, please see our Contact Page for who to talk to (you will also receive an E-mail with this information after you submit the form on the dog).

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Second Option

This is a Short Term Listing! It is meant for dogs in emergency situations (such as kill shelters) who don't have much time (generally less than a week). A dog in rescue (or another safe place) should really get a full listing (above). Contact the dog's representative to suggest a listing with us. If the dog is in a shelter with limited time, but probably longer than a week, a full listing is preferred (we can put the listing in the "Urgent" area, just let us know!) The listings are only up for two weeks, and then will be deleted. If the listing needs to be removed sooner, please let us know.

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