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Small Fonts on the DDEAF Website

We'd like to apologize if you are having trouble with text sizes on our website. We want our website to be as accessible as possible, but sometimes webdesigns just work better in some browsers than others, and resolving compatibility issues can be a challenge.

We've researched various ways to solve the problem, but none of them are ideal. The solution that we think will work best for a majority of people is to use a cookie to "remember" that you prefer a larger font size. We realize that some people do not like to use or receive cookies, so we want to explain exactly what is on the cookie before asking anyone to use it.

  • The name of the cookie is "DDEAF."
  • It contains the value of "LargerFont," and gives the url of our website (
  • It expires in one year, so you don't need to replace it each time you visit, and it won't be on your computer forever
  • That is all that is in this cookie, we promise!

The cookie buttons should take you back to the page you were on, but you may have to repeat searches.

Try the Cookie

Remove the Cookie

If you would like to remove the font cookie, just use the button below.

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