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Deaf Dog Activities

The real JOY is in the privilege and ability to step to the start line with your dog by your side, not in the crossing of the finish line victorious over others.
 - Gail Storm

This list is intended to give an idea of the various activities that deaf dogs can become involved in. All of the links will open a new browser window, so you can easily close them and come back to this page.

Please be sure to thoroughly read the rules before making a commitment to any group or activity (especially before spending any money for entries). Some groups won't allow Mixes to compete, but dogs who look to be purebred are usually let in with special registration. Other groups are restricted to only certain breeds (for instance, fieldwork usually must be hunting dogs, stockwork must be herding dogs, earthwork is for terriers, etc.). While some groups will specifically state that deaf dogs are allowed, some are a bit more vague (they will say that a dog must be "sound" or "not suffering from any deformity that may affect performance"), and these statements could be interpreted to bar deaf dogs. Rules can change as well. If you decide to challenge the "status quo" (which some people have done), be prepared to lose your entry money, and possibly have awards revoked if you are found out.

If you know of an organization that we missed (especially from countries other than the USA), or find that we have one listed that will not allow deaf dogs, please Contact Us so we can keep this list current.

Non-Competitive Activities

"Good Dog" Awards

  • Canadian Kennel Club gives an award called the "Canine Good Neighbor" (CGN) The rules don't seem to appear on their website, but can be requested.
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC) - this certificate is awarded by the American Kennel Club. It is the only award they give that can be attempted by a dog that is a Mix and/or deaf.
  • The Kennel Club UK has a series of awards called the "Good Citizen Dog Scheme" (GCDS) To see the requirements, the fourth (blue) doghouse with the halo above it is a link to the "training" area, and then the links to more information will appear on the left.

Search and Rescue

Temperament Test

Therapy Dogs

Competitive Activities


Canine Freestyle



Earth Work & Go-to-Ground



Frisbee ®




Water Trial

Weight Pulling

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