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The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool out of himself too.
 - Samuel Butler

Deaf Dog E-Mail Lists

The Deaf Dogs List

This is the original and largest of the Deaf Dog mailing lists, originally started in November of 1995 (has been moved several times - the date on the home page is not accurate). The founders of DDEAF met here! There are currently over 1700 members, from all over the world. This list tends to generate a lot of mail.
Join the DeafDogs List - you will need a Yahoo ID to join (info provided on the site)

Deaf Dog Owners List

This list was started in March of 2001. It has about 160 members, and doesn't generate a lot of mail (only a few posts a month).
Join the Deaf Dog Owners List - you will need a Yahoo ID to join (info provided on the site)

Parents of Deaf Dogs List

This list was started in August of 2000. It has around 80 members and seems to be a pretty low volume list.
Join the Parents of Deaf Dogs List - you will need a Yahoo ID to join (info provided on the site)

Deaf Dogs and their Owners List

This list was started in July of 2002. It seems to be fairly active, but with a lot of spam. You can read from the list without joining, but must join to post (the groups files are only available to members as well).
Join the Deaf Dogs and their Owners List - you will need a MSN Passport to join (info provided on the site)

Blind & Deaf Dogs List

This list if for people who have dogs that are both deaf and blind. It was started in August, 2001, and has about 400 members. This list has public archives, so you can read what people have said without joining (although you need to join to be able to ask questions).
Join the Blind & Deaf Dogs List - you will need a Yahoo ID to join (info provided on the site)

Deaf Dog Message Boards & Clubs

Deaf Dogs - ICQ Interest Groups

You will need to be a member to take part in this community. This group was created in March, 1998 and has about 40 members.

Deaf Dogs Message Board

You need to register in order to use this message board. It was started in February, 2005.

Deaf Dogs Atlas

Deaf Dogs AtlasMaps of the world that will direct you to profiles of deaf dogs and the people who love them. Find someone in your area to turn to for advice, education, and encouragement.
Visit the Deaf Dogs Atlas.

On-Line Sign Language Sites

ASL Browser

This site is done with Quicktime videos (so you will need the plug-in if your browser doesn't have it).

A Basic Guide to ASL

This site uses Quicktime videos as well, but also includes short written descriptions.

Sign Language Dictionary Online

This site also uses animations. (In the far right frame, there is a link under "Features" called "Animal Sign" that touches on deaf dog communication)
Note: You can read articles on this site, but it is a pay service to look up the signs themselves.

DMOZ Open Directory on Sign Languages

Links to more information on Sign Languages (some specific to other countries, some more general).

Ethnologue Report for Deaf Sign Language

Statistics on many of the different Sign Languages used in the world. (Might not necessarily help you to communicate with your dog, but still interesting information.)

Causes of Deafness

Dr. Strain's Deafness In Dogs & Cats Website

Lots of information on deafness in dogs & cats. Dr. Strain has done a lot of research on the causes of canine deafness, and has found a few of the answers. Unfortunately, most of his writings recommend euthanizing deaf dogs. This is an opinion, not based on research, and should be taken as such.

White Deafness In Australian Shepherds

Easily understood explanation of the cause of deafness (although the article refers to Aussies, the "lack of pigment" problem applies to most deaf dogs).

Miscellaneous Deaf Dog Sites

Interesting Deaf Dog Pages that don't really fit in anywhere else, but are still worth looking at.

Deaf Dog Picnics (and other special events)

Websites for past Deaf Dog Picnics. See our Current Event page for upcoming picnics! (These are usually held during the summer months.) Interested in planning a Picnic? See our page on Picnic Planning!

Deaf Dogs' Personal Pages

An assortment of personal pages about deaf dogs put together by the people who love them. (We moved them to their own page, as there were getting to be so many of them.) WebRings are also included on this page.

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